Super Simple Time and Attendance
For Business

The problem with NOT measuring time

Measuring time is crucial

What you don't measure people don't respect

Disciplined & committed employees

An on-time employee is a committed employee

Coming late for work

No one should be late for anything that benefits them

Winning with your team

How many objectives can be reached if we use all our available time wisely?

Boundary systems

A business without boundary systems is a business in chaos

How much am I losing?

Adjust slide to your average employee salary
Employee is late by
Employee leaves early by
Employee extends lunch by
Employee unauthorised overtime
Percentage of absent employees
The South African average is 30%
Slide this bar to the size of your workforce
R 607.00 per month
*slider values are indicated as per day

Our Solution

Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software: flexible, scalable, and remote-enabled applications for efficient data management.

Biometric terminals

A fingerprint biometric IoT device is a compact, internet-connected device that utilizes fingerprint recognition for secure and convenient authentication and access control.

Android and IOS Mobile App

Our mobile app enables individuals to clock in on their smartphones, featuring geofencing to ensure accurate GPS-based location tracking and the ability to facilitate group clock-ins.

Dedicated Support Team

Our dedicated support team delivers exceptional customer service with prompt responses and issue resolutions, ensuring a seamless experience for our valued customers.

Project Management

Our meticulous project management ensures seamless system implementation and optimal functionality within the first month.

Payroll integration

Our payroll integration streamlines processes and ensures accurate payments through seamless API synchronization of employee data, time tracking, and compensation information.

Learn More About Us

50 years of industry knowledge

50 years of industry knowledge: a wealth of experience and expertise for informed decision-making.

Locally made hardware and software

Our locally manufactured hardware and software provide customized solutions, supporting local economy and customer needs.

Run by engineers

Led by engineers, our company leverages technical expertise to drive innovation, solve complex problems, and deliver exceptional products and services.

Built for African conditions

Built for African conditions, our system excels in diverse environments, addressing unique challenges and delivering reliable performance.

Our Team

Kevin Howell

Founder & Chief Innovator

Chene Jones

Operations Manager

Lenize Brazelle

Relationship Manager

Graeme Wienand

Project Manager

Lizandré Burger

Software Support

Janine Jansen

Customer Care Consultant

Tshepo Molapo

Engineering Technician

Suzan Pampier

Assembly Technician

Our Clients


Pretoria, Cape Town, Bloemfontein